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Shoebox Market
Fun, modern jewelry and accessories for you and your home.

Fun, modern accessories for you and your home.

Our mission is to find you the unique, the conversation piece, your next favorite accessory. 

“My daughter has a 'Favorite Things’ drawer. I have the Shoebox.” 


It all started when…

a friend and I both randomly wore a striped shirt and jeans to go out. The only difference, she added a few accessories and instantly went from casual to complete. I’ve never underestimated the power of accessories since. It’s not about being fancy, it’s about taking the time to add a finishing touch and being the best version of yourself.


Located inside…


Quick tip

How to Wear your Wrap

This bracelet is the perfect mix of casual, edgy, and impossible to display. Hopefully this quick tutorial will help show it off in the best way possible.